The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project is set up to help people from ethnic minority groups living in the south of Broxtowe to integrate more fully into the community they have come to live in, by providing free English lessons and information about other services in the community and how to access them to give additional support. We have worked with people from around the world for the past 5 years helping them to feel more at home in our community.

We hope to help you by:

  • Improving your English language skills
  • Enabling you to have better access to public services in the community
  • Enabling you to take part in community activities
  • Enabling you to access volunteering opportunities
  • Enabling you to gain new skills, self-esteem, and confidence
  • Enabling you to become more employable
  • Helping you feel that you can fit in with the local community

Training and Support Sessions

English Language and British Culture Sessions

This training helps people improve their English language skills and understand British culture and lifestyle to enable them to handle a variety of social situations and to integrate more fully into the community.

The Job Skills Training and Career Guide

This is for people who are seeking skilled employment. We give support regarding career goal setting, CV, writing an application form, preparing for a job interview, understanding British work culture, managing your career. The support is offered in both one-to-one and group sessions.

Volunteering in the Community

Through volunteering, you can practice using English, make new friends, enjoy new experiences, gain confidence, enrich your life and that of other people, and make the community you live in a better place. Volunteering does not take much time. Some people volunteer for just an hour or two each week, others on an as and when needed arrangement. Volunteering is for everyone. Whatever your background, interests, abilities or amount of time you want to give we can normally find something interesting to suit you.

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To Make An Enquiry About English Classes or any of our Training or Support Services, please call Safa on 0115 917 8080 or Use The Form Below. Thank You For Your Interest.




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